Chapter Housing

The ΑΔΠ house, or the “Pi Palace”, was completed November 2012 in Morgan Hill Sorority Village. Our beautiful house is 17,500 square feet and sleeps 50 ΑΔΠ sisters, as well as our house director.

The Pi Palace is one of the BIGGEST houses in sorority village with an expansive meeting, dining, and gathering space in which chapter meetings, meals, sisterhood events, studying, and more occurs daily. We have an amazing new house mom Beth Colotta who we are so excited to welcome!

The 1st floor also includes amenities such as the Parlor Room, Two-Story Foyer with Grand Staircase, commercial kitchen, House Director’s Suite, Board Room, Patio, Bistro Deck, elevator, restrooms, and lots of storage space.

On the 2nd floor you will find the Media Room, Kitchenette, Sun Deck, Laundry Room, restroom, Workout Room, and both single and double bedrooms – each with a sink and big closets.

The 3rd floor also includes more single and double bedrooms, another Laundry Room and bathroom, as well as the huge Study Room.



Every ΑΔΠ will tell you how much we love Robert Sheridan’s cooking. “Chef Rob” provides us with both nutritious and delicious meals. Rob is very open to suggestions and accommodates various allergies and diets. Some of our favorite things he makes are breakfast for dinner, chicken salad, tilapia, mexican fajitas, smoothies, and chocolate chip cookies. He even makes frozen yogurt for our soft serve machine!

House Corporation                             

President: Joy McCabe
Vice-President: Donna Brown
Treasurer: Mary Condry
Assistant Treasurer: Ashley Wheeler
Secretary: Laura Higdon
Member at Large: Kim Denton
Member at Large: Cheryl Sharpe
Member at Large: Karyn Altshuler
Advisor to the Board: Janet Wedekind

Alumnae, parents, and friends of Alpha Delta Pi seeking information or wishing to donate, please click here to contact our House Corporation Treasurer, Janet Curry.