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If you are a parent of alumni there are many ways to get involved!

For Alumni, the Knoxville Alpha Delta Pi Alumni Association is an excellent way to stay connected with the current chapter. Their are various events to be involved such as dinner at the ADPI house, sisterhood events and lastly each month a chapter member hosts a sister supper for the Alumni to get together in Knoxville. They are even currently making new football buttons to support RMH. For more questions contact our Alumni Relations Chair Mary Catherine Krickbaum or check out their public Facebook page:

Or you can contact the Alumni Association directly:

Social Media

Follow us on all of our social medias to stay even more connected!To see what our girls are up to check out our Tumblr account and our Instagram account @adpitennessee. For important events, recognition, and birthdays check out our Facebook account.


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use our hashtags #adpitennessee and #wlfeowednesday!



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