Greek Competitions

All Campus Events coordinates many traditional competitions for the university including All-Sing, Carnicus, and Homecoming. For more informational on ACE checkout their Facebook page:

Other annual competition among Greeks includes Lip Synch and Greek Beat. Other than Lip Synch and Greek Beat, these events include teaming up with another sorority or fraternity to compete in various

Lip Sync 

Lip-sync is an annual competition for the newest pledge classes in Panhellenic. It is at the beginning of the semester and an excellent way to get to know your Alpha class right from the start.

In the Fall of 2017, our Alpha Class received third place in the competition!! We are so proud of our new members and everything they have accomplished thus far!


All- Sing

Music competition joined with another sorority or fraternity,

Past themes have included: Hairspray, Beauty and the Beast, and our past 2018 win of Mamma Mia! 




Acting, dancing competition teamed up with another sorority or fraternity, the plot is made up from our coaches.

Past themes: Elf, Finding Nemo, Shrek

Greek Beat

Hip-hop dance competition where we compete against all of the other sororities. Proceeds benefit the Circle of Sisterhood philanthropy


Homecoming has a wide range of competitions. Teaming up with a Greek partner of the week, the events range from Smokey’s Howl, banner drop, bed races and many more. The biggest part is the float build with your partner. We spend all week building a float together and house decorations. It is not only fun to win but get to know your sisters and the chapter teamed up with during the week!

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