Recruitment Rounds

Round 1: Go GreekFullSizeRender 93.jpg

During this round, ΑΔΠ encourages all potential new members (PNMs) to join the Greek community. All 13 sororities in the Panhellenic Council at The University of Tennessee are amazing, and we hope everyone can find a place to call home. At the ΑΔΠ house, we introduce PNMs to as many of our sisters as possible and hope they begin to get an idea of what being an ΑΔΠ is all about.

Round 2: Philanthropy

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Since giving back to our community is such an important part of ΑΔΠ sisterhood, we share the experiences we have had with the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) during this round. As PNMs, you will see a special video presentation during this round, as well as pictures of sisters participating in other various Greek Philanthropy events. To learn more about our Philanthropy, here

Round 3: SisterhoodIMG_2625 2.JPG

This may be the most entertaining round for PNMs! We show a video and explain more of the requirements to joining this organization. We hope our true personality and sisterhood comes out in this round. We want PNMs to walk away with a better understanding of how our experiences have shaped our character and molded us into who we are today. Potential members will have a longer chance to talk to more of our girls.

Round 4: PreferenceIMG_2634.JPEG

During Preference, ΑΔΠ wants every potential new member to know how much we have enjoyed getting to know them. We use this last opportunity to express our feelings about our sisters and sorority. Preference is a very special night for sisters and we want every PNM to feel welcome and comfortable to talk with members about their experiences and how it has made them the women they are today.

Bid Day! 

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While recruitment is coming to a close, the real fun is just beginning! Bid Day is when PNMs receive what’s called a “bid” or invitation to a sorority. We celebrate every new member’s acceptance into the sorority and their bright future as an ΑΔΠ. Bid Day is such an exciting day and we want every new member to know how enthusiastic we are about her acceptance of our bid. Nothing is better than a new generation of Alphas!